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All Types of Screw Conveyors


The Screw Conveyors Is Of Simple Design, Easy To Maintain, Of Small Width, Permits Intermediate Discharge Of The Material At Several Points (Of Special Importance For Dusty And Hot Materials, And Also Materials With An Obnoxious Odour ), Is Readily Made Dust-Tight By Jacketing The Trough. Design Various Types Of Screw Conveyors Viz. Twin Screw Conveyors, Screw Feeders, Paddle Conveyors, Mixing Conveyors, Right And Left Handed Screw Conveyor And Rotary Air Lock Valves Etc.

Screw Conveyors Are Used To Convey Material From One Place To Another Place By Means Rotating Screw Type Auger. Material Can Be Carried Either Horizontally Or Vertically Or At Required Angle. It Consists Of A Screw Auger Rotating In A Pipe For Vertical Lifting Or In A U-Shaped Trough For Horizontal Conveying. The Screw Auger Can Be Provided With Dumping Hopper For Intake Of Materials. Discharge May Be Directly To Storage Bin Or Further Equipments. Screw Blades Are Made From High Capacity Press. These Blades Have Precise Dimensions And Made Up By Heavy 5 Mm Ms Sheet Depending Upon The Material Being Carried. These Blades Have High Wear And Tear Resistance To Cope With Different Sorts Of Materials. Cleaning Doors Are Provided At Proper Locations For Cleaning Of Screw Auger.
Screw Conveyors Are Backed By Good Quality Bearings For Smooth And Maintenance Free Operation. At The Centre, Hanger Bearings Are Provided If Necessary.
Use Of Oil Seal And Precisely Machined Bearing Housing Is Also Major Feature Of Our Screw Conveyors. Oil Seal Prevents Entry Of Any Material From Inside Of Screw Conveyor In To Bearing Which Results In Increase In Life Of Bearings....
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All Types of Belt Conveyors

Belt Conveyers Are Employed To Convey A Great Variety Of Unit Loads And Bulk Materials Along Horizontal Or Gently Inclined Paths And Also To Carry Articles Of Light Weight In Line Production From One Operation To Another. Belt Conveyers Are The Most Relevant Solutions And Can Be Described As Most Commonly Used Conveying Equipment In Any Plant. The Wide Range Of Materials That Can Be Conveyed By This Piece With Little Modifications, Makes It An Equipment Which Has Come To Stay In The Field.

Belt Conveyors consists of a body of a metal frame with pulleys at either end and bed of rollers in between.

Belt is looped around each pullies. When one of the belt is powered by electrical motor, the belting slides across the rollers there by moving the product on the top of the belt.

We have technical capabilities to design, manufacture and commission belt conveyors with various bulk densities, moistures, atmospheric conditions and corrosive properties.

We manufacture belt conveyors with capacities up to 5000 TPH.....
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All Types of Roller Conveyors

Roller Conveyors Serves To Convey Pieces-Goods Horizontally And Up Or Down Slightly As Powerized And Gravity Roller Conveyors. Wide Range Of Powered And Non Powered Version Roller Conveyor Using Standard Precision Bearings For Heavy Loads (250 Kgs And Above) And Pressed Bearings For Lighter Loads. Many Combinations Offered In Terms Of Roller Pitch, Roller Diameter, Roller Moc, Between Frame Width. Rollers Are Spring Loaded With Hex Axle Or Round Axle.

Belt Driven Live Roller Conveyor ( BDLR ) is designed primarily for handling hard to convey items, such as bundled materials, drums and pails, as well as other awkward and heavy items.

These conveyors are also recommended for use where interruption in work flow is required or where conveyed items must be taken from the line at specific points.

Advantages of BDLR Conveyor:

Equipped with rollers for easy removal and to simplify conveyor relocation.

Because they are powered by a friction belt beneath the roller, the rollers present a firm conveying surface that largely eliminates
off-tracking and direct contact damage to the conveyor belt.
Pressure rollers are adjustable to minimize line pressure.
Available belt speed ranges from 30 to 100 FPM.
Travel direction is reversible in units up to 100 feet in length with a center drive.
Standard centers are 2.4", 3", 4" and 6" but multiples thereof may be provided.
Standard frame widths are 12", 15", 18", 21", 24", 30" 36", 42" and 48". (Dimensions are to the outside of the frame.)
The spring loaded rollers are 1.9" in diameter by 16 ga. with 7/16" hex axles, on required centers.
Availability of accumulation beds......
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All Types of Slat Conveyors

Slat Conveyors Manufactured By Us Are Used In Chemical Industries, Assembly Lines, Airports, Glass Manufacturing Plants And Various Other Industrial Units As Per The Specific Requirements Of Customer. Each Slat Conveyor Assembly Under Goes A Proper Design Calculation, An Equally Strict And Stringent Manufacturing Process With Proper Quality Control And Is Tested In Factory To Assure A Smooth And Safe Equipment At Customer’s Premises. Type, Size And Speed Of Slat Conveyors May Vary As Per The Application Where They Are To Be Used.

Slat conveyors are used to convey heavy unit goods like refrigerator, automobile, machine parts etc. Typical construction consist of two parallel running chains with special attachment, guided throughout the conveyor length and driven by sprockets held securely in shafts.
‘C’ type folded slats are bolted to these chains and carry the load on top side. Slat return the loading point from bottom. Conveyor is powered by three phase A/C supply heavy duty motor and speed reduced by gear reducer.
A wide range of Material of construction for slats is offered like, Mild steel, Stainless steel, Wood, Aluminum, Plastic, PVC etc......
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& Many More All Types of Conveyors : Portable Belt Conveyors, Bucket Elevators, Live Roller Conveyors, Chain Conveyors, Apron / Slat Conveyors, Deep Bucket Conveyors, Rotary Feeders, Slide Gates, Conveyor Systems, Steel Wire Conveyor Belts, Special Machines, Wire Mesh Belt Conveyors, Bucket Conveyors, etc..
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